The X-Men Unite in Empire’s 25 Magazine Covers Celebrating ‘Days of Future Past’

By January 27, 2014

X-Men and X2 director Bryan Singer is returning to the director’s chair for this year’s X-Men: Days of Future Past, a superhero film that joins the original cast with the younger group from X-Men: First Class in an event that Fox surely hopes will be this year’s Avengers. We know that Anna Paquin’s Rogue character won’t make the final cut, there will be Sentinels involved this time, and that Magneto is being pegged as JFK’s killer in the viral marketing materials, but outside of that, there hasn’t been an abundance of information released yet about the film.

Today, Empire Magazine looks to change all that. They’re teaming with Fox to release 25 new covers with our first looks at the characters for the new film. We’ll post all of them here as they’re released over the course of the day, but we do want to direct your attention to this first image of Evan Peters as Quicksilver, who looks absolutely ridiculous and has been the source of dozens of jokes already this morning. Leave your thoughts about the character covers in the comments below, and don’t forget to keep checking back since a bunch more are on the way today. (And watch the trailer if you haven’t seen it yet.

(UPDATE: Scroll all the way to the bottom for a cool panorama that combines every cover in the series.)


Empire X8

Future Sentinel

Empire X25


Empire X24


Empire X23


Empire X22


Empire X18

Kitty Pryde

Empire X19


Empire X20


Empire X21


Empire X16


Empire X15


Empire X17


Empire X14

Bryan Singer

Empire X12

Wolverine (Future)

Empire X13


Empire X11

Young Xavier

Empire X10

Young Magneto

Empire X9

Young Beast

Empire X7-2

Young Mystique

Empire X6

Bolivar Trask

Empire X5

Young William Stryker

Empire X4

Young Toad

Empire X3


Empire X2-2

Sentinel Mark I

Empire X1

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