There Was Almost a ‘Galaxy Quest’ Sequel on Amazon

By April 6, 2016

You may remember last year, when it was revealed that Amazon was working on developing a sequel to the beloved 1990s sci-fi film, Galazy Quest, which would bring back the original film’s main cast once again, and act as a direct sequel. Unfortunately, not much was heard about the project after that, but it looks like the long-awaited sequel came very close to actually happening after all, according to one of the film’s original cast members.

While appearing on the Nerdist Podcast, Sam Rockwell (who played “Guy Fleegman” in the original film) not only confirmed that the streaming service had been developing the sequel, but that it almost happened as well, and was originally supposed to be shooting at this very moment.

Read his full quote below:

“They were going to do a sequel on Amazon and we were ready to sign up for, and you know, Alan Rickman passed away and Tim Allen wasn’t available, he has a show, and everybody’s show was all weird. We were going to this sequel on Amazon. It was going to shoot like, right now.”

Following the unfortunate passing of Rickman earlier this year, it makes sense that the sequel would be scrapped altogether honestly, since Rickman’s Alexander Dane is not only an integral part of the ensemble cast, but is also the most quoted character from the film to this day. Considering how well the movie manages to hold up twenty years later as well, that’s saying something.

It is slightly disappointing news, but easy to understand nonetheless. Galaxy Quest has slowly climbed the ranks into becoming one of the most beloved and highly-respected sci-fi films of all time in my books, and certainly one of the most beloved sci-fi comedies ever made, up there with Mel Brooks’ Spaceballs. Following a group of actors mistaken by an alien race as their characters on a hit sci-fi show, it was the kind of premise that should not have produced as funny of results as it did. Thank goodness it did though, and even if we might not see a sequel anytime soon, at least we can still go and relive the film over and over and over again in the meantime.

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