These Robin Williams Outtakes From ‘Aladdin’ Will Make You Smile – Guaranteed

By October 10, 2015

There are few talents in the industry right now who could take an animated character and make it an iconic figure in cinema history. That’s exactly what Robin Williams did with the Genie in Aladdin though. Where the character could have gotten out of hand or become a simple scapegoat in the film, he was just as charismatic, funny, emotional, and at times – just as jaw-dropping as the actual actor was in some of his live-action performances. It just doesn’t get much more Disney classic than the Genie.

In time with the film’s upcoming Diamond Edition blu ray release too, a new set of outtakes from Williams in the actual sound booth recording his Genie lines have been premiered by Good Morning America, and they’re just as incredible as you’d probably expect them to be. Check it out below:

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Williams’ managed to fit in some pretty awesome impressions as Genie in the actual film, but these outtakes include some that didn’t make the cut including James Cagney, Curly from The Three Stooges, and Obi-Wan Kenobi as well. It also serves as a pretty awesome reminder that even though it has been over a year since Williams’ unfortunate passing – his work continues to live on in ways I don’t think anyone can quite imagine.

It’s well-known that the character was written into the film with Williams in mind, and that the actor’s actual recording sessions would go over four hours long at times, and if the Diamond Edition blu ray features more special features like this – it might just be an essential addition to any movie fan’s collection.

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