Think You’re Good at ‘Grand Theft Auto V’? Think Again

By October 11, 2013

GTA V bike

I’m not a hardcore gamer, but every so often I’ll find myself playing a game and falling into the trap of thinking I’m actually pretty good at it. Then I’ll go online and try to play against people and get slaughtered in about four seconds, and that’ll bring me back down to Earth. Grand Theft Auto V has only been out for a few weeks, but I’ve been having a blast running through Los Santos wreaking havoc, and again I found myself thinking I wasn’t half bad. Then I saw these videos from YouTube user clayman90:

Whoa. If you’re looking for something with a bit more destruction, check out this insane escape from the LSPD from the same YouTube user:

And finally, the excellent blog OneCoolThingADay pointed me toward this spectacular showcase of exploding cars, which made me laugh out loud multiple times at the craziness of it all (if you get bored quickly, fast forward to around the 4 minute mark and watch from there):

Did you see that UFO hovering there in that last video? Apparently there are a few UFOs that appear once you reach 100% completion of the game, and now there’s some wild theorizing going on about what it could mean. If you want to go down a rabbit hole of crazy, click here for more. There’s a nice little dose of insanity to kick off your weekend.

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