This Detail From the ‘Game of Thrones’ Season Finale Will Blow Your Minds

By July 7, 2016

Warning: This post will contain Game of Thrones spoilers. 

In the last two seasons, Cersei Lannister, a character that spent a majority of the series making her own messes and then forcing others to help her clean them up, made some of her biggest mistakes, especially when it came to giving the High Sparrow so much power. A decision that went on to haunt her throughout a majority of the fifth season, and all of the sixth, until she eventually went a little Mad Queen and unleashed Wildfire upon the entire Sept of Baelor, burning a portion of King’s Landing down to the ground.

However, Imgur user Gedogfx recently noticed one very eerie detail about the season finale, that was a callback to Cersei’s first scene with the High Sparrow back in episode three of the fifth season. In the scene, Cersei  told the High Sparrow that “The faith and the crown are the twin pillars that hold up up this world. One collapses, and so does the other.”

The line itself just shows how much Cersei is willing to say basically anything to make her plans work, since we know how much she really doesn’t believe that, but when you take a look at that line and the events/images in the season six finale, “The Winds of Winter,” they take on a whole new meaning, and will just make you love the finale all over again (H/T HelloGiggles):

The faith…


and the crown…

the crown

are the twin pillars that hold up this world…


one collapses…


so does the other.


Yeah, that’s pretty great.

Because in case the blowing up of the sept wasn’t enough, the actual sequence itself is structured exactly like Cersei’s line from the previous season, and the visual eye for detail when it comes to including the different sets of pillars is something that very few shows or even movies would feel the need or think to include, and it just acts as further proof of how truly excellent Game of Thrones is.

Now, as the faith has practically been eradicated from King’s Landing, seeing how Cersei as Queen manages to hold up the kingdom of Westeros on her stylish shoulder pads will be entertaining to see at the very least. Luckily, a very badass Queen and her dragons are already on their way, so hopefully we won’t have to endure Cersei’s rule for all that long.

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  • BastianBux

    Cersei must def die but before she does I think she’ll take out a lot more characters. I hope Tyrion and Arya get to her and stab her a couple times but she crawls away to Jamie where he’ll finish her off.