This ‘Game of Thrones’ Supercut of Jon Snow’s Life Will Give You Chills

By July 3, 2016

Warning: In case the headline wasn’t enough of an indication, this post will contain Game of Thrones spoilers. 

From the very beginning, Jon Snow has never faced an easy road ahead of him. Born the bastard of a proud lord (or so everyone was told), despised by Ned Stark’s wife, Catelyn, for that very reason, he’s spent a majority of his life seeking to be a part of something where he wasn’t the outsider. Joining The Night’s Watch for honorable reasons, Jon not only helped to save both the Night’s Watch and the Wildlings, but has also acquired information and seen things about the Whitewalkers and The Night’s King that no one south of the Wall would know about, if it wasn’t for him.

Of course, it was those decisions that eventually lead to him getting killed by his brothers in the Watch tragically, only to later be resurrected, freed from his vows, reunited with his sister, and forced against his will in a way to take arms against Ramsay Bolton and try and take back Winterfell. Something that he managed to do with the help of his sister, Sansa Stark, and the Knights of the Vale in what is one of Game of Thrones best episodes to date.

The newly crowned King in the North still has a long road ahead of him if the fan theories prove to be true, and as its now been confirmed, the half-Targaryen/half-Stark hero is going to be one of the few things standing in between The Night’s King and the rest of the world.

A new supercut of Jon Snow’s life has been released online as well, from TheGaroStudios on YouTube and it honest to God, might be one of the greatest, chills-inducing Game of Thrones tributes that we’ve ever seen, and it’ll just remind you of how exactly bad ass and complex of a character Jon Snow really is. Check it out below:

In case you were wondering as well,  if you ended this video chanting King in the North along with it – no, you are not alone.

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