This is Probably the Best Iron Man Cosplay You’ll Ever See

By July 5, 2016

We’ve seen some pretty impressive Iron Man cosplays over the past few years, including one gigantic Hulkbuster cosplayer that wowed at New York Comic-Con last year. However, none of them have quite been able to capture the high-tech, explosive feeling of Tony Stark’s actual Iron Man armor, and while this new contender for best Iron Man cosplayer ever can’t fly with his suit, it’s still probably the best we’ve ever seen.

Wayne Berendhuysen recently released a new video of his Iron Man cosplay in action, and look out Tony Stark, you may have an impressive young upstart coming your way because in the new video, Berendhuysen demos his new MK 39 starbooster cosplay, that not only comes with transforming metal armor, including the working mask, but also working thrusters.

Kinda at least. Obviously, in order to be safe at cons, the starbooster doesn’t actually shoot out jet fuel (it would also turn whoever is wearing the suit into a puddle as well), but instead carbon dioxide jet streams shoot out of the hands and back thrusters, illuminated by LED floodlights, duplicating the same visual effect.

Check out the video below:

So basically, this is the closest thing to an actual Iron Man suit that we’ve seen so far, and the only thing it’s really missing is the firepower of Tony Stark’s suit and the ability to fly. But we’re gonna go ahead and give it to him anyway.

Berendhuysen calls the suit his “Eleanor” as well, a reference to the grand daddy of automobile thefts in Gone in 60 Seconds, and after watching this video, we understand why. Now all he needs is his own computer intelligence software to talk to in the suit and a way to fly. For right now, this is probably as close as anyone’s gotten so far (that we know about at least).

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