This Should Be The ‘John Wick’ Sequel

By October 27, 2014

Have you seen John Wick yet? If not, stop reading and go fix your mistake. We will all wait right here for you.

Previously I wrote an article called “How to Make ‘Batman’s Robin’ from ‘The Dark Knight Rises‘,” and instead of Hollywood listening to me, they did absolutely everything else within the DC universe except my idea. Hopefully, things will be different with Wick.

John Wick is the greatest revenge flick I’ve ever seen, and it’s mainly because it allows you to revel in the violence. You don’t have to shower off that dirty feeling, which inevitably happens with this genre. Here, John (Keanu Reeves) has all of the motivation he needs between his wife dying, in addition to that, thugs kill his dog and steal his car. The bad guys are like zombies or Nazis. It’s OK to kill them. Plus, director Chad Stahelski knows how to shoot action (no shaky cameras here). We need more of these films, so here we go…

John Wick 2

The Idea for the Sequel

John has moved on after surviving his annihilation of Viggo Tarasov’s (Michael Nyqvist) gang. His sister-in-law, Diane, finally gets a hold of him after numerous attempts that he ignored. John’s brother is in trouble. He hasn’t been heard from in months. Jason Wick is a doctor who was doing humanitarian work outside of Hong Kong. Diane is convinced he’s been kidnapped, but the authorities are oddly unhelpful. Clearly John doesn’t have a great relationship with his brother, but he’s still family. John goes to Hong Kong to investigate.

No one knows who John is in Hong Kong. The amazing reputation he has as the greatest badass ever to live clearly hasn’t followed him across the Pacific. Through investigation and interrogation, John learns where Jason is being held. A drug lord, Yu King, has him locked away. While others would find it difficult, John gets to his brother with relative ease. It’s escaping that proves difficult.

Jason has become Yu King’s doctor, performing whatever task Yu wants. He’s definitely afraid of Yu and at first doesn’t want to be rescued out of fear of what Yu would do to him and more importantly, Diane. He’s convinced if he works for one year, Yu will let him go. John must forcibly remove Jason from the compound, while fighting off the attack of dozens of men who have now been alerted to John’s presence. This is the heart of the film, with the brothers finding time to despise one another, but ultimately repairing their relationship.

Once John and Jason break out, Yu goes after Diane, with the help of the local authorities, who clearly work for him. There is a fantastically insane chase sequence ultimately ending with John saving the day…or not.

The Reason for Things

  • Film it in Hong Kong, where Reeves directed the very goofy film Man of Tai Chi. Hopefully Reeves enjoyed that experience, and wants to go back.
  • Hong Kong creates a new “fish out of water” situation for John, and allows even more martial arts to be utilized for a different action vibe.
  • Hong Kong also allows the occasional subtitles, including Yu eventually calling John “The Boogeyman.”
  • There was great humor in the first film, with everyone knowing what John is capable of. This time around Yu can be confused with how John is so good at killing so many.
  • Yu’s world, and Jason’s forced situation, can be teased as part of a much bigger world, just like the first film does so well with “The Continental” (a hotel for hitmen and hitwomen).
  • John’s motivation can’t be for a woman or a dog, since that’s been done. It also can’t be simply that badder guys are after him because of what he did in the first film. That’s not compelling enough. His motivation can be for family that he’s drifted away from.
  • Jason can’t stand John because he knows exactly what he is, and what he’s done. Jason is horrified at how much carnage John has caused. John can’t really blame him.
  • This is only teased, but clearly Diane and John had been together at one point, and Diane chose Jason for all of the right reasons.
  • John is clearly amazing at working alone, but now he’s forced to guide Jason through all of the horrific battles. This leaves John vulnerable in attacks.
  • At first, Jason wants nothing to do with being rescued, then sees just how good John is at his job, and does want him to succeed. But then it’s obvious Jason needs to fight as well, and he’s never really thrown a punch, let alone shot a gun. This is a great opportunity for new comedy.
  • If Reeves only wants to make this sequel, and no more, then he can die at the end of the film, making sure that Jason and Diane escape and survive.

The Casting

Big Budget

Jennifer Garner

Diane = Jennifer Garner. She definitely brings an intelligence factor to any role she plays (minus Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day of course). Plus, the end chase sequence would give us a chance to see Sydney Bristow in action again.

Edward Norton

Jason = Edward Norton. He’s great at being smug and nervous, which this role needs. He’s also five years younger than Reeves, and has a similar narrow face so they look enough like brothers. Plus, if you’ve been lucky enough to see Birdman, you realize we need more Norton in our lives.


Yu King = Aaron Kwok. Not only is he a legend in Hong Kong, he’s won two Best Actor awards consecutively from the Golden Horse Awards. Besides him, only Jackie Chan has done that. He would also suddenly be the best looking person in cast.

Small Budget

Jennifer Carpenter

Diane = Jennifer Carpenter. “Dexter” is done, and it’s time we see Carpenter on the big screen. Plus, she’s also more than capable of handling the action sequences.

Jeremy Sisto

Jason = Jeremy Sisto. He’s done good work on the small screen, but he also made the best tennis movie ever (Break Point), so you know he’s really athletic. OK, that was slight sarcasm, but still. It’s a film that’s also about brothers reuniting, and he pulls it off quite well.

Question Mark face

Yu King = Unknown. Get over to Hong Kong and discover the next Jet Li or Jackie Chan. Someone who will kick the butt of Reeves, until he turns the tables.

Dislike this idea? Fine, here’s the no-brainer.

John Wick: The Continental
It’s a prequel focusing on the amazing hotel, and brings back Ian McShane, Willem Dafoe, John Leguizamo, Lance Reddick, and Clarke Peters.

What did you think of John Wick? Would you like to see a sequel? How do you think it should go down? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Chung Tran

    I just saw John Wick and you are right amazing movie. Just a few things no one would reference him as the boogeyman in Hong Kong. I would tie it into with the job he did to leave 5 years before. As in John kill a triad gang so the Russian can gain control. So Yu been trying to hunt this mysterious man who took out their outfit and found John’s brother. This is because John during his last job kill Yu father and base on Chinese culture they must seek revenge. Yiggo contacted the Yu before he try to leave in case he does not make it out alive. This Yuggo insurance in case John kill him as well.

    • Desiree Coats

      Totally agree with you & Ian David. I think we need to see a prequel before a sequel. The way Viggo tells the story in John Wick, it’s fitting to go that route. How he gave him a task that he thought he couldn’t pull off & that their empire is built off that last task. Wick must have been the baddest mutha around. Gotta see that.

  • Ian David

    Loved the film can’t stop watching it, I personally think that a prequel would be best first as I know everybody wants to see John kill three men with a pencil. I really like the idea for Hong Kong if you included the triad element regarding the job John did 5 years ago, suggested by Chung Tran these ideas are the making for a nice trilogy. Great work Jeff.