‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Adds ‘Creed’ Star to Its Cast

By April 11, 2016

As of right now, Thor: Ragnarok is shaping up to be one of the most interesting and mysterious films that Marvel has in development. After being teased as having a much more comedic tone than the other films, landing one of the most creative directors in the industry right now at the helm, and then adding in Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk as a main player as well – it seems like a film that could have some serious ramifications not only on the God of Thunder, but the entire MCU as well.

In addition to a number of returning characters from previous films, the project also cast Cate Blanchett, one of the best actresses working today, as the mystery villain as well, which would be enough to give me confidence in any project, let alone a Marvel movie. Now, it looks like the female lineup for this film just got even stronger too.

Deadline is reporting that Creed actress, Tessa Thompson, has officially joined the cast of the superhero movie in an unknown role, but is being billed as a female hero in the film and love interest of Hemsworth’s Thor. For those of you probably wondering too, THR adds that Natalie Portman will not be returning in the film as Jane Foster, though the reason for her exclusion is currently unknown.

It’s hard to guess who Thompson could be playing in the film, though two possibilities include Valkyrie, or the good/bad Amora the Enchantress, who has been heavily rumored to be joining the franchise for quite a while amongst the fan community at this point.

After making a mark in Creed last year, Thompson has been on everyone’s mind as one of the most promising young actresses working in the industry right now. Her casting also continues Marvel’s recent efforts to bring on a much more diverse range of talent both onscreen and behind the scenes in their films as well, and if she’ll be the love interest for Hemsworth’s character, I can only imagine the kind of strength that Thompson will get to bring to the franchise here.

Thor: Ragnarok will hit theatres on November 3rd, 2017.

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