‘Thor: The Dark World’ Will Have Two Post-Credit Scenes

By October 18, 2013


Thor: The Dark World is set to be released on November 8th, which means pre-screenings of the film have already begun. Although those lucky enough to see the flick in advance of general release are under a strict embargo regarding leaking any info, word has come out that the second installment in the adventures of the God of Thunder will feature two supposedly great end-credit scenes, something that is now pretty much expected in any Marvel movie at this point. Screen Crush has a quote that gives nothing away from one viewer who saw the film early and cryptically broke the embargo by mentioning what we can expect to see in each end-credits sequence:

Mid – Forshadowing [sic]. End – Shreddies.

Okay, foreshadowing is always good…so yay. And Moviepilot.com shared this quote from another lucky SOB who got to see the movie in advance:

Saw it today. Can’t tell anything before the 24th, but the colors is a clue…Oh, and there’s TWO credits scenes. One during, and one after.”

As I mentioned earlier, ever since the first Iron Man, end-credit scenes have been used to great effect by Marvel. After the disappointing post-credits scenes they gave us for Iron Man 3, which were basically just comic sketches and NO Guardians of the Galaxy teasers, I have high hopes that the end-credit scenes for Thor: The Dark World will kick things up a notch. And to paraphrase the Magic 8-ball, all signs point to yes.

In other Thor news, The Hollywood Reporter revealed Thor: The Dark World‘s pre-release tracking info yesterday, which said that the film is expected to gross approximately 75 million dollars its opening weekend, which would make it one of the biggest domestic box office opening weekends of all time.

What are you hoping to see get teased? Am I the only one who wants some Loki action in the end credit scenes?  Tell us what you think in the comments!

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Desi Jedeikin

Desi Jedeikin

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