Three Unfinished ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ Episodes Now Available to Watch

By September 26, 2014

Following news of the cancellation of “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” after Disney took over Lucasfilm (and by association, all things Star Wars), the series was able to wrap up pretty nicely with the final season being made available on Netflix and a comic book arc exploring the conclusion of Darth Maul’s story arc. But believe it or not, there’s more.

Today, Lucasfilm revealed that there were still a few stories left to tell, and some loose ends that can now be tied up. In a video looking at the legacy of the animated series that fills in the gaps in the prequel trilogy (but with much better quality storytelling than the films), it’s revealed that some of the unfinished episodes can now be seen in full, and that even though the public won’t see them completed, they are still considered canon:

As you can see, they also talk about turning the Darth Maul story arc into the aforementioned comic book for Dark Horse, and then they dive into the untold stories that lie in a few episodes that weren’t finished. But the good news is, they’ve been put together in story reel form (with rough animation) so that you can see the episodes that would have been.

That’s right, over on, all three new episodes are available, featuring Anakin Skywalker, looking more like his Episode III self, and Obi-Wan Kenobi investigating the mysterious death of a Jedi Master on the planet Utapau (which we also saw in Revenge of the Sith). And for those wondering how Anakin is impacted by Ahsoka leaving the Jedi Order, that’s addressed in these episodes as well.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Unfinished

And finally, there are a few more little “Clone Wars” goodies on the way as author Christie Golden has been commissioned to write a novel called Star Wars: Dark Disciple that will focus on Asajj Ventress (who you can see in early animation form with hair) and her encounter with Quinlan Vos. That book is still being written and is slated to arrive sometime in the summer of 2015.

So there you have it. “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” will be neatly wrapped up in a few different forms of media before J.J. Abrams brings Star Wars: Episode VII to theaters next winter. It’s a shame Disney didn’t see fit to finish these episodes, but at least they’re not sitting on these story arcs.

And for those who are anxious for new Star Wars stories to begin, the TV special “Star Wars Rebels: Spark of Rebellion” will debut on Friday, October 3rd at 9pm ET/PT on various Disney Channels. And then the full-fledged series “Star Wars Rebels” begins October 13th at 9pm ET/PT on Disney XD. Watch the first seven minutes below:

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