Throwback Thursday: “Spidey Super Stories: Spidey Meets the Spoiler”

By June 4, 2015

If you grew up with the OG “The Electric Company” whose cast included EGOT (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony) winner Rita Moreno and future Oscar-winner/master narrator Morgan Freeman.  One of my favorite segments they’d bust out on the regular was “Spidey Super Stories,” a collaborative effort between Marvel Comics, “The Electric Company” and the Children’s Television Workshop, teaching kids how to read with the help of a comic book hero!

What makes this particular series different is there are no mentions ever made of Spidey’s origin nor does he ever jump out of costume (in the SSS comic book, he does) – as a matter of fact, Spidey only talks with the use of comic bubbles!

In honor of all the Spider-Man casting talk happening as of late, I give you the FIRST episode of “Spidey Super Stories,” Spidey Meets the Spoiler

God, I hate spoilers!

What about you? What was YOUR fave of the “Spidey Super Stories”? Can be from the comic book OR the show!

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  • Sean L

    haha that was madness! “He’s looking for something, and he’s found it: A Rubber Glove Sandwich”

  • Katey

    what year did this series come out? my eyes and ears couldn’t believe what they were experiencing :p

    • Daniel

      Wikipedia is telling me the series came out in 1974 🙂

  • Thomas Kelly

    i love everything about the older spider man! wish I could of grown up with that

  • RogerSmiles

    I wish i could wipe every thing I have ever learned so that I could re-learn every thing again from super spidey stories 😀

  • Michelle

    It’s so badly done its hilarious. I would still watch it though 😛 , hasn’t television come a long way since then 🙂