‘TMNT 2’ Producer Still At Loss Over Flop

By November 2, 2016


What makes what some thought was a surefire hit turn around and stumble into failure?

That’s something Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows producer Andrew Form is still trying to figure out. And even after sitting down to talk to Collider recently about his more recent film, Ouija: Origin of Evil, he still can offer little more than a shrug.

“We were obviously surprised at the box office results. We loved the movie. We loved making the movie. From our first Super Bowl teaser to everything we launched, we felt so good about our material, and for some reason it idd not find the audience that the first movie found.”

TMNT 2 would earn just $82.1 million domestically, and $244.5 million worldwide. While that’s not a terrible performance, it couldn’t compare to the franchise’s previous outing in 2014 when Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles grossed $191.2 million domestically and $485 million globally.

However, the quality seemed to improve for the sequel, gaining approval of 38 percent of the critics who reviewed it compared to just 22 percent from the 2014 movie, according to Rotten Tomatoes. But TMNT 2 just seemed to missed a step when it came to connecting with the audience. And it could very much be because Form and his team didn’t go as far as they should in a sequel.

“I think one thing we did learn is you really need to give – you can’t just add characters to a movie and expect that to be what’s fresh. It’s a sequel. You have to give the audience something that’s really new and fresh. Maybe just adding characters from canon, that wasn’t enough.”

The movie added popular characters like Bepop, Rocksteady and even Casey Jones, played by Arrow‘s Stephen Amell.

Although Form is happy to learn from his mistakes, it’s unlikely he and his team will have a chance to put those lessons learned to use. Paramount Pictures likely isn’t green-lighting a third movie, meaning at least this incarnation of the popular cartoon series has been shelled, er, shelved.

Ouija: Origin of Evil, in the meantime, has grossed $25.9 million domestically (and $45 million worldwide) through Halloween, still falling short of the $103.6 million global take of its 2014 predecessor.

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