Toho of Japan Will Produce a New ‘Godzilla’ Film

By December 8, 2014

Fans of the original Japanese Godzilla films likely have a brand new reason to get excited. Toho, the famous Japanese entertainment distributor, has announced their intention to create a brand new original Godzilla film to go into production in 2015.

According to Variety, Toho has been inspired by the pretty massive success of Gareth Edwards’ American Godzilla film, and sees the property as something that should see new dedication from the nation that brought the concept into existence. Edwards’ Godzilla earned a worldwide gross of just under $525 million, with $26 million of that total coming from Japan, and is the highest grossing wide theatrical Godzilla film to date. The producer behind Toho’s new project, Taichi Ueda, released a statement about what hopes are attached to the new Toho Godzilla film, tying it very much to Japanese national pride. “The time has come for Japan to make a film that will not lose to Hollywood,” he said. He also relayed his hopes that the new film, “will represent Japan and be loved around the world” when it comes time for Tokyo to host the Summer Olympics in 2020.

Toho’s last produced film in the franchise was 2004’s Godzilla: Final Wars, which received mixed reviews from franchise fans and critics alike. It was also, technically, a box office flop, earning $12 million at the box office on a budget of $19.5 million, which made it the most expensive Toho Godzilla production to date, while also having the unfortunate distinction of being the least attended film in the franchise in nearly 30 years, since Terror of Mechagodzilla.

It’s pretty safe to say that Toho is looking to turn their fortunes around with this new project. While the budget for this film will likely be nowhere near the $160 million of Gareth Edwards’ film, the indication seems to be that this will be a heavy investment for Toho as it heads into production next year for a 2016 release. For more on Godzilla as it happens, be sure to keep a tab open to GeekNation.

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