Tom Holland Posts New Photo From ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ In Costume

By July 8, 2016

Spider-Man: Homecoming has been in production in Atlanta, GA for a couple of weeks now, with several batches of set photos already surfacing online as well, even including some of Tom Holland’s Peter Parker in his Spider-Man costume. For those of you that weren’t already aware though, yesterday marked exactly one year until Homecoming‘s July 7th, 2017 release date, and to mark the occasion, Holland posted a new photo from the set that continues to prove just how perfect of a Peter Parker/Spider-Man he is.

Let’s just say he went to new heights with the on set selfie he posted to his Instagram, and if there really was an actual Peter Parker swinging through the streets of New York City, we imagine his phone would be littered with these kinds of photos.

Check it out below:

Following his introduction in Captain America: Civil War this year, Holland’s Parker is set to return onscreen in the new standalone film from both Marvel and Sony, which according to Holland himself, finds Peter as he tries to find his home again.

Everyone involved in the project so far has been very tight-lipped about everything, and while we know from Kevin Feige and director Jon Watts that the movie is going to be reminiscent of the kinds of 80s coming-of-age stories that we saw from John Hughes, a number of the characters’ identities are still unknown, and practically nothing from the movie’s plot has been revealed. With San Diego Comic-Con right around the corner though, let’s just hope we get to learn a little bit more about Peter Parker’s next onscreen adventure then.

Spider-Man: Homecoming is set to hit theatres on July 7th, 2017.

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