Tony Jaa Joins James Wan’s ‘Fast and Furious 7’

By August 26, 2013

Tony Jaa

Tony Jaa was once poised to take over the throne of international martial arts superstar from Jackie Chan, but despite his undoubtedly amazing fighting skills, he didn’t quite have the same charisma or “X” factor that made Chan loved by millions. Still, the guy is a total badass, and in case you’re completely unfamiliar with his work, get a load of this:

Holy crap, that’s impressive.

Now, THR brings word that Jaa has signed on to co-star in Fast and Furious 7, which will be directed by The Conjuring helmer James Wan. The film will be Jaa’s Hollywood debut and first English-language movie, but since the script is still being written by Chris Morgan, we’re not quite sure yet what Jaa’s role entails. (I’m guessing it will involve kicking a lot of ass.)

Jason Statham is already set as the villain in this movie (as revealed in an awesome post-credits tease in Fast & Furious 6), and we’re not even sure what side of the law Jaa’s character will be on. I could totally see him as Statham’s ass-kicking henchman, but it’d be a whole lot more interesting if Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Dwayne Johnson, and the rest of our car thief anti-heroes were able to get Jaa on their side so we could see a martial arts face-off between Jaa and Statham (who’s not too shabby when it comes to kicking ass himself). I’m smiling from ear to ear just thinking about it.

Excited to see what Jaa can do Stateside? Let us know below.

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