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  • Top Ten Must-Have Mods for Skyrim

    By | July 04, 2012 | 144 views

    Few games provide as massive of a play space or deliver as much content as The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Still, there are some players who hunger for more and, through Steam’s amazing workshop system, have built a thriving community of programmers creating Skyrim mods to expand their gaming experience. If you’ve got Skyrim on the PC, you have no reason not to be playing it with mods: they’re fully integrated into Steam, they’re inventive, and they expand Skyim‘s nigh-infinite gameplay into something truly infinite. Here are ten of the mods that you simply must have for Skyrim, dahling.

    Dragons Diversified

    Need more dragons? Well, you got ‘em. Dragons Diversified adds a bevy of new winged lizards, like creep skeletal dragons and dirt-breathing earth dragons.

     More Creatures!

    Expands Skyrim‘s bestiary to include new monsters, like bear trolls and fire hounds.

    Spend Dragon Souls for Perks

    Though you’ll spend most of your early dragon souls on your dragonborn shouts, should you play as the same character for long enough there will come a time where you have more souls than you do shouts to unlock. With this mod, you can spend these oh-so-valuable souls for some oh-so-valuable shouts, making them still useful without breaking the game.

    Enhanced High-Level Gameplay

    Are you too powerful? Is hard mode just not hard enough? Well, this mod looks to crank the challenge back up to eleven with new, stronger foes armed with bizarre spells and abilities.

    Legendary Creatures

    This mod adds a slew of epic new monsters, giving you monster hunters something new to look for.

    The Sounds of Skyrim series

    These mods (yes, there are several of them) add new ambient sounds to Skyrim, making undead-filled dungeons scarier as the Draugr moan and screech from down the hallway, or wolf packs more wolfy as you hear their midnight howls.

    Skyrim UI

    Optimizes the Skyrim interface for PC. Simple as that.


    Need some arrows? Now you can make ‘em.

    Midas Magic

    A wizard’s work of mastering the arcane arts is never done, and with Midas Magic it’ll really never be done thanks to the incredible list of new spells for you to learn and utilize.

    Posh Mudcrabs

    What’s better than mudcrabs with top hats and monocles?

    Answer: nothing.

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    Alex Langley

    Alex Langley is the author of The Geek Handbook: Practical Skills and Advice for the Likable Modern Geek.