Toys R Us Makes Exclusive Doctor Who/Dalek Action Figure Sets!

By February 4, 2013

Running on and off since 1963 with 790 episodes (106 missing) and eleven “Doctors” Doctor Who has delighted people all over the world and have spawned many debates as to who the best Doctor is and trust me, people DO have their faves. I’ve heard people remark several times how they “wish they had their own doctor to put on their shelves to show their allegiance.

Well, thanks to Toys R Us, now you can!

That’s right, darlings. The exclusive Doctor Who/Dalek action figure line will feature ELEVEN sets, one for each Doctor as well as the pesky DALEK (forever programmed to “EXTERMINATE, EXTERMINATE!”) from an episode from said Doctor’s season.

So far, pictures have emerged of three of the Doc/DALEK sets and thanks to The Doctor Who Site (and a fella named Alasdair Dewar), I’ve can show you!!

(And because it’s my birthday and I’m in a giving mood, I’ve also included clips from the episode that inspired the set!)

First we start in the 60’s…

Second Doctor (Patrick Troughton) with DALEK from “Evil Of The Daleks”

Then we fast forward a couple decades to the 80’s…

Sixth Doctor (Colin Baker) with DALEK from “Revelation of The Daleks”

I couldn’t find a suitably uploaded scene, so enjoy this epic BTS video!

And if we go a little further into the 2000’s, we have MY favorite Doctor!

Tenth Doctor (David Tennant) with DALEK from “The Stolen Earth”

Judging from this clip, it’s only fair they make a Capt. Jack Harkness (Torchwood) action figure as well!

Now, there’s good news/somewhat bad news attached…

Good news is the first sets are expected to hit Toys R Us shelves in the United Kingdom within the next few days but there hasn’t been a confirmation of release date/retail price.

Somewhat bad news is there’s no word when we’ll see them stateside; my guess is if we don’t see them by late June, they’ll probably make their debut at San Diego Comic-Con…which would be a FANTASTIC idear!

But until then, would you care for a jelly baby?


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