‘Transformers: The Last Knight’ Image Reveals Megatron’s New Robot Form

By August 11, 2016

Even though I have about as much faith in the project right now as I can hold in my pinky, I’m gonna go ahead and give Michael bay and the team behind next year’s Transformers: The Last Knight  a round of applause for their marketing of the film so far. The fifth installment of the franchise, which will apparently be the last one with Bay behind the helm, is still deep into principal photography, but that hasn’t stopped the director and Paramount from teasing the movie nonetheless.

It seems like we’re getting at least three to four images from the new movie on a weekly basis at this point, usually either announcing/confirming a character’s role in the movie, or showing off their new upgrades and designs.

Optimus Prime is set to face off with his Arch Nemesis once again in The Last Knight as well, and after already announcing him as the movie’s villain, Megatron’s new robot look has been revealed. Check it out below:

Now, there have been rumors that Unicorn could end up being the big bad of the movie, but it looks like for now, Bay and co. are leaning heavily on it being Megatron, which makes sense considering the character’s notoriety and also that The Last Knight has been rumored to be Optimus Prime’s last film in the franchise. After all, what better way to give the character a send off, than having him face his greatest foe once again?

Transformers: The Last Knight is set to hit theatres on June 23rd, 2017.

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