True Blood FINALLY Gives Up Some Tasty Season 6 Promos

By April 26, 2013

With all the hoopla surrounding HBO’s Game Of Thrones and AMC’s Mad Men season premieres, little has been seen or heard from the True Blood camp…until now.

When showrunner/creator Alan Ball left True Blood and moved over to HBO subsidiary Cinemax for his new creation, Banshee (which I HIGHLY recommend), there was a bit of troubled waters as his replacement Mark Hudis peaced out halfway through Season 6 shooting THEN replaced by series writer Brian Buckner…so it’s safe to say that much like True Blood itself, anything goes this season.

With the new season somewhat truncated (a.k.a. less episodes), it could mean a few things – mainly it’s gonna get REALLY complicated or the show’s writers are gonna “cut the fat” and make it a lean, mean, storytelling machine and these two newly released clips after the first one surfaced A MONTH AGO, they’re ready for you to feast on the flesh once again.

And because I love youse, here’s the aforementioned clip.

Did I mention they’re also BTS promos? We rarely EVER get these from True Blood so drink it in, darlings!

In this first clip, we get a whole lot of mimbo (male bimbo) Jason Stackhouse doing what he does best: making endearingly yet silly threats while deciding whether or not he’s gonna off Eric’s, um, “sister” Nora.

Looks like Stephen Moyer’s gonna be sitting in the director’s chair again this season for an episode or two!

AAAAAND in this clip, new packleader Alcide has his work cut out for him as the pack has serious reservations about harboring Luna (a.k.a. Sam Merlotte’s shifter girlfriend) and former packmaster Marcus Bozeman’s (whom Alcide killed in season 4) love-child-who-is-also-a-werewolf Emma (and apparently afraid to shift back to human) while grandma (and Marcus’s mom) Martha vehemently makes her feelings known.

Um, so is Emma gonna be a wolf the majority of this season, too?

Alcide shows his “angry face” or his “confused face.” Ah, who cares? Take off yer shirt!

In other news, word on the True Blood jungle gym is that we’re heading back to Bon Temps this season which means less cold, sterile Authority-environments in exchange for trees and fresh(ish) air!

I, for one cannot WAIT for True Blood to open a fresh vein come this June 16th at 9 p.m. on HBO.

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