‘True Blood’ Recap: Episode 7: ‘In the Evening’

By July 29, 2013

So this episode had a whole lot of Eric Northman sad feels, which is my second favorite kind of Eric Northman feels…after the sexy kind of feels. Strangely the sad feels often lead to sexy feels, BUT I DIGRESS!

Enough about my delusional lust…let’s start with the recap!

Eric is busting Nora out of Vamp Camp in an attempt to save her life. Naturally, he’s all heroic, slick and hot while doing it.

Before he leaves the compound, Eric instructs Willa to warn Pam about the tainted Tru Blood; Pam in turn decides to warn only the relevant characters.

Eric brings Nora to Bill and asks him to save Nora’s life. Nora refuses the supposedly life-saving Lilith blood, because ewww. Bill chooses to honor her dying wish, much to Eric’s chagrin.

Meanwhile, Sarah Newlin discovers the governor is dead. And kind of makes out with his head. Grief makes you do crazy things, yo.

She’s also totally pissed. She hatches a ‘Weekend At Bernie’s’-like plan to keep the illusion that the Governor is still running the show.

Then we see Sookie and Warlow waking up in post-fae-coital bliss all Instagram filtered out.

This actually reminds me of how I look when I wake up every morning. Except I’m wearing flannel snowman PJs.

But the post-fae-coital bliss is interupted when Sookie hears Arlene’s cries. It’s all very sad. Arlene is devastated, but she’s Arlene so we know she’ll pull through, because she’s Arlene, lover of men with issues.

Besides, in a future scene she calls Lafayette “a liar and a voodoo queer.” So the fact that she hasn’t lost her sass is a very good sign.

Back at Vamp Camp, Jason continues his attempt to save Jessica, but she kind of wants to die. Also Jason says something stupid.

Jessica requests that Jason reunite her with James, so she can tell him about the Tru Blood. Then a whole bunch of Alcide/Sam crap happens, which is only delaying the hot sex scene between James and Jessica, something we don’t have to do in this recap!

James is all emotional and sexy, Jessica is all “Mmmhmm. I’ve never had sex with a vampire”, which strangely enough was also what I was thinking.

Then they were like this:

And then they were like this:

Well that escalated quickly! It was very good. And totally made up for all of the shifter/werewolf nonsense.

By this point in the episode, Arlene has become completely sh*t-faced. And in one of the few funny moments this episode, this happens when she sees Bill walking in the sun:

Back at Vamp Camp, Sarah Newlin is ON WHEELS. She cuts Jason and throws him in the gen pop with all the lady vamps. Luckily for him, Tara saves him before the lady vamps pounce.

Then the friggin’ all time biggest snot-crying scene of the season.

Eric realizes that it’s over for Nora. We see their back story, where a very similar circumstance brought them together so long ago. Only with a much better outcome and a terrible Eric wig.

This time the outcome is Nora’s true death, and everyone in my immediate vicinity staring at me uncomfortably.

I never knew someone holding a goopy corpse could be so touching. I just wanted to hold him close and wipe away his blood tears, which admittedly is not that unusual because… ERIC!

What did you think of this episode? Let me know in the comments!

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