‘True Detective’ Creator Nic Pizzolatto Reveals What Season 2 Will Be About

By March 10, 2014

(Spoilers for season one ahead.)

We’ve been recapping HBO’s excellent freshman series “True Detective” all season, and our recap of last night’s finale is live on the site right now. Rust Cohle and Marty Hart met a monster in Carcosa, and though both men suffered some grim injuries, they managed to walk away from the experience and out of the show…likely forever. Matthew McConaughey has already said he’s definitely not coming back for the inevitable season two because the first season’s story was “finite,” so it probably wouldn’t make much sense for Woody Harrelson to make an appearance by himself – especially considering series creator Nic Pizzolatto’s recent remarks about the future of the show.

In an interview with HitFix (via Pajiba), Alan Sepinwall spoke with Pizzolatto about the reception to the series and his plans for the second season, and the creator revealed the first real hint of what the next season will be about:

Okay. This is really early, but I’ll tell you (it’s about) hard women, bad men and the secret occult history of the United States transportation system.

The show has taken some heat for its portrayal of women in season one, and many speculated (and hoped) that future episodes would perhaps tell a different story from a female perspective. Well, it seems that folks might get their wish. Pizzolatto doesn’t go as far as to say that the main characters of the next season will be female detectives, but we can assume that’s what he means in that statement.

True Detective finale image

And for those of you who were hoping that the show would get even stranger than it already did in the past eight episodes, it seems like Pizzolatto was at least somewhat pleased by all of the talk about The Yellow King, Carcosa, Lovecraft, and the crazy conspiracy theories that had floated around all season. When asked if the reaction to the show informed what he’s working on next, he replied:

It’s informed exactly one thing. It’s that I realize I need to keep being strange. Don’t play the next one straight.

More strange stuff, hard women, bad men, and a secret occult history? I’m already looking forward to season two.

Are you excited about where the series is headed? Who should portray those “hard women” he mentioned? We’d love to hear your suggestions in the comments below.

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  • Woohoo!

    • Sounds pretty cool, right? I really hope Pizzolatto is able to give a voice to the female perspective, partially because we haven’t really seen many really good American prestige dramatic cop shows with female leads lately (that I can remember, anyway).