‘True Detective’ Season 3 May Not Be Happening After All

By May 25, 2016

In 2014, the first season of True Detective was one of the most talked about additions to the pop culture world that audiences had experienced in a long time, as the crime thriller starring Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson not only skyrocketed director Cary Funkunaga into filmmaking superstardom, but series creator Nic Pizzolatto as well. That was, until the second season last year anyways.

A critically-underwhelming and slightly rushed sophomore outing from the series put a serious damper on excitement towards the show, and it looks like, fans might have seen the last of True Detective after all. Whether they knew it at the time or not.

A new report from THR suggests that Pizzolatto may not be working on a follow-up third season of the series, but will instead be focusing more on new original content for HBO, as part of his two year deal with the outlet until 2018. Hopefully, this means that he’ll get to spend more time working on the new content as well, instead of being rushed to put it out like he was with True Detective season two.

Until then, Pizzolatto also worked on the screenplay for director Antoine Fuqua’s upcoming remake of The Magnificent Seven, which is set for a September release right now, and seems to fit Pizzolatto’s style more than the noir-heavy season two of Detective as well. I wouldn’t be surprised if an announcement of his next project might come sometime around that film’s release as well, to capitalize on his exposure at the time.

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  • David Johnson

    GeekNations #TrueDetectivePodcast at the end of the show Bredan Cowles came up with a logical reason for the Enormous Quality Disparity between the Seasons. Pizzolatto had probably been refining the 1st Season for Years if not decades while He had 1 year for Season 2. But even though the 2nd Season lacked the depth of the 1st Mr Cowles got to go all Mythological & Mystic Deep dissecting the show while Clare Kramer was the Voice Of Reason. If You ever get the chance You should listen to the PC it was as good if not better than the show!