Tumblr Treasures: Dogshaming

By August 21, 2012

Need a safe way to vent your dog’s wacky behavior? I got you covered.

Last week, a new Tumblr blog, Dogshaming, hit the interwebs and now dog owners from around the world can laugh and share each other’s pain.

How Dogshaming works is quite simple: you take a pic of your dog with a note saying what craptastic thing your dog did, submit, and laugh/commiserate with other owners whilst you wait!

And yes, A LOT of pics were dogs who are eaters of poo, so I’ma skip those and give you a smackerel of the more hilarious offenses!

There’s the intellectuals…

(In their defense, exercise DOES make you “go” and at least the other’s got good taste in books, right?)

…the beef – I mean, “barf” eaters

…the ones who “like” cats for different reasons

(This owner also wins for the fact he named the dog “Clark W. Griswold” IN FULL.)

…the, uh, stuffed animal lovers

(although, this dog is seemingly devoid of shame over it.)

…and of course, the repeat offenders. Meet Molly, who gets in trouble so much, her neighbors think her name is actually “Bad Dog Molly”.

And before you ask, yes, the occasional cat makes the cut.

(but in Panda Boo’s defense, serves you right for leaving the fridge door open)

Now, listen. I can’t BELIEVE I have to say this, but I’m gonna. The Dogshaming blog is NOT meant to be taken seriously, it is merely a way to blow off steam at your dog in a safe and fun way. If your dog has serious behavior problems or your dog exhibits some of the same issues these dogs do, there’s ways to fix that so don’t lose hope or freak out. With some dogs, obedience training (which I did with my first dog, Puka) can stem quite a few of issues like separation anxiety but there’s others who DO benefit from personal training and yes, Prozac. I’ve seen the positive effects and have met with quite a few owners who breathe easier and relax now that their dog does, too.

Sooner or later these dogs are gonna catch on and possibly learn to read someday (hey, it could happen) so if you’re gonna submit, make it a good one.

Anyone else have the feeling this dog knows EXACTLY what’s going on?

(“Yeah, “ha ha” dude. I’m gonna get you for this”)


I may not have a dog anymore but I do know quite a few that would make good poster puppies for this site, haaaaa.

For more hilarity, head on over to the official site and enjoy!

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