‘Twin Peaks’ Finally Gets Premiere Date: May 21

By January 10, 2017

After years of starts and stops, Showtime is now committing not only to making sure its Twin Peaks finally comes to fruition. But now there is even a premiere date.

The premium cable channel will debut the first regular television episode of the David Lynch series in 25 years on May 21 with a two-hour debut.

David Nevins, the head of Showtime, revealed the news Monday during the Television Critics Association winter tour, according to the Associated Press.

The 18-episode series brings back many of the original cast from the 1990 series including Kyle MacLachlan as Dale Cooper, Madchen Amick as Shelley Johnson and Dana Ashbrook as Bobby Briggs.

The series will bring in a host of new actors as well, bringing the total acting count to 217.

Lynch, who has earned five Emmy nominations (all from the original Twin Peaks) and four Oscar nods, directed all 18 hours of the new series.

The original show, with its strange mix of characters and captivating marketing campaign that asked potential viewers “Who killed Laura Palmer?” was an early sensation in 1990 when it debuted on ABC.

However, network interference reportedly rushed the main storyline, essentially killing a lot of that early interest by answering too many questions too early.

Twin Peaks would end its run on June 10, 1991, after just 30 episodes. However, the series’ popularity continued throughout the years, with several attempts made to revive the show.

A feature film was released in 1992, Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, which earned negative reviews when it was first released, and made just $4.2 million at the box office.

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