Twitter Breaking News Direct (Messaged) to You, Also Switches Up DM Rules

By October 16, 2013

As Twitter prepares for their IPO, they want to make sure you don’t miss a thing.


In November, Twitter will have a stock to call their own on the NYSE, but they want to be absolutely sure you don’t miss the news when it breaks…or any other news you care about. Recently, they’ve started up an experimental account, @eventparrot, made to notify followers of important breaking news via direct message. So far, as the folks at Gizmodo have observed, most of the breaking tweets seem to originate from the @cnnbrk account. Like many of Twitter’s experimental rollouts – much like @magicrecs, Twitter’s tweet/user recommendation system – Event Parrot looks like it could eventually become a part of the service’s arsenal of tools engineered to give each and every user an experience customized just for them.

I haven’t received any news DMs from the parrot, but I think it’s safe to assume that if the account gains enough traction, rolling it into the primary features of Twitter as a whole is only a matter of time. As they ready their oft-mentioned IPO, it seems like their goal is to be your source for everything that’s happening everywhere, right now; the only reason you should have to leave the site is to read the articles, then come right back, because Twitter is where all the news breaks. It isn’t a crazy concept: many a story has a broken on Twitter and become a trending topic before the mainstream media has even caught a whiff of what’s brewing.

Between this and the deal they’ve struck with Comcast, they will become “Twitter, Your Personal News and Media Conglomerate.”

Twitter Logo

In related Twitter news (“twews”? I don’t know, it’s too early for portmanteaus), they’ve opened up a new feature allowing users to direct message them even if they don’t follow them back. Fortunately, you have to turn this on yourself, so you won’t be getting spam from people you don’t know. That feature is still in the process of being implemented, so there’s a good chance you won’t see it in your settings quite yet. I suspect this is meant more as a tool for companies that offer service or support via Twitter, such as @XboxSupport. So, I guess I spoke too soon… Twitter will become “Your Personal News, Media and Support Conglomerate” (or if you dig acronyms, YPNMASC, which I think is what the fox says).

Any theories on what Twitter’s next experiment might be? My bet is on them finally opening their own video sharing service along the lines of Vine, Instagram, and such.

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