Two Actors Have Already Thrown Their Hats Into the Ring to Play Black Manta in ‘Aquaman’

By August 12, 2016

Well, that certainly didn’t take very long, did it?

Less than a week after the initial report revealed that James Wan’s 2018 standalone Aquaman film would feature Black Manta as its main villain, two notable actors have already thrown their hats into the ring to play the iconic role in the film. If these are the kinds of actors already interested in it too, then I can only imagine what other names might start popping up as the casting process begins moving forwards.

First up is Michael K. Williams, who is currently starring in HBO’s riveting miniseries, The Night Of, and who retweeted a tweet from a fan pointing out the comparisons between he and the character in the comics. Check it out below:

Considering the work that Williams has been putting out on a consistent basis ever since playing Omar in The Wire as well, I’d say that landing him as your lead villain would be an exciting casting announcement, to say the least. He’s already got some competition though, with Michael Jai White also responding to a fan’s tweet with excitement towards the possibility:

It should be noted that Jai White has a history in the DC Comics universe already as well, after not only starring briefly as Gambol in The Dark Knight, but also playing Bronze Tiger in Arrow. Jai White does have more history with stunts and action sequences in his work than Williams also, which could make him a suitable pick for Manta, a professional assassin seeking revenge against the King of Atlantis.

At this point, I imagine the list of actors interested in not only starring in a DC Comics film, but also a James Wan film is fairly long right now, which means the creative team behind Aquaman could have a fairly interesting array of actors to choose from when they begin casting some of the other roles in the standalone. Already, the names interested in the role though should be a nice indicator for the way that things could go with DC’s standalone films moving forwards, especially if movies like Wonder Woman or The Flash end up living up to fan expectations in the coming years.

Aquaman is set to hit theatres on July 27th, 2018.

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