Ubisoft Adds to Its Film Slate with Films Based on Far Cry, Rabbids, and Watch Dogs

By June 12, 2013

Just yesterday, we wrote about how Ubisoft is working with Michael Bay to develop a film adaptation of Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon. Bay may or may not direct, but one thing is clear: Ubisoft means business. Instead of licensing rights to their video game properties to the highest bidder, the company has opened a film division and is overseeing every element of production in order to keep creative control in an effort to improve the final product. Now they’re at it again, setting up three more properties to be adapted into features.

Variety reports that the company has movies eyed for Far Cry, Rabbids, and Watch Dogs, even though the latter hasn’t even hit shelves yet. The Far Cry franchise has been around for nearly a decade. (I owned the second game, which took place in Africa, and had a lot of fun with it.) Most recently, the series got a retro-style sequel that came out earlier this year. (That one seems like a Jean-Claude Van Damme movie from the 80s or 90s, so we’ll see which iteration of Far Cry the company ends up pushing to be made into a movie.) Rabbids are the vapid, vicious zombie-bunnies that first appeared in the Rayman video game series and appearing in multiple games outside of their regular franchise as well. (This could end up being anything from a kid-friendly animation project to a live action horror comedy with the Rabbids as zombies. It’s still early days, so no details have been revealed.)

Perhaps most interestingly, though – especially considering the recent NSA scandal that’s been all over the news – is the idea of a Watch Dogs movie. There have been many, many movies that have traded on these ideas in the past (Coppola’s The Conversation may still be the best of them, even though it came out in the mid-70s), but with the rapidly-evolving technology, even something like Enemy of the State looks dated now; this could be a remake in spirit. Check out the trailer for Watch Dogs below, and let us know what you think about all of these games heading to the big screen in the comments.

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