UPDATE! Rumor: ‘Star Wars Rogue One’ to Feature Large Role For Fan Favorite Character (Spoilers)

By January 26, 2016

UPDATE! Looks like the team over at Making Star Wars has some details on the big baddie referenced up top for Star Wars Rogue One. Because we issued a SPOILER ALERT yesterday, we want to continue with it. So if you want to know more, specific, details – hit it up below the image: spoiler-alert-a-supercut-of-the-640x360 Still here? Okay, good. Below you will find all my thoughts on Vader being ‘rumored’ as of now in Star Wars Rogue One. Thanks to that report from Jo-Blo, some interesting ideas were brought up and it is all around Vader and his part in the movie. Now, Making Star Wars is doubling down – not only is Vader in the movie apparently, he’s going to kick some SERIOUS Rebel butt in the movie. If this comes true, as I hoped and stated in the original report (below), we will be getting a BRUTAL version of Vader. Making Star Wars has a source saying they have seen production, story-board pitches, that show Vader in full action, taking out Rebels in the most brutal of ways:

The action sequences filmed are unknown, but there was work pitching the different ways Darth Vader could kill rebels on a battlefield with the Force and his lightsaber. The storyboard “pitches” showed decapitated rebels, people being dismembered by Vader throwing his sword, levitating bodies to make human shields, and so on. The art was more violent than what we’ve seen Darth Vader do on screen before. I wish there were more details on the setting of the ground battle but the most we could get was that it was a smoky battlefield.

Okay, let me wrap my head around that… If this is true, this will be the Vader we all heard about in legend, slightly alluded to by Obi-Wan in A New Hope. “Helped the Emperor hunt down the remaining Jedi.” Now, sure – no Jedi in Rogue One, but we know what we want – and what was promised in Episode III but never got – a fully formed Darth Vader going Sith. Decapitations? Force using Rebels as human shields? Man, this would push the limits on PG-13 if they didn’t shoot it correctly. But man, oh man, I can picture it in my head. I’m excited for the possibility. Other updates include the suit – which gives a lot of credence to the whole story in general. Why build a bunch of suits for one or two scenes of Vader in a hologram? Here’s what they say:

Darth Vader will have action sequences in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. We have been told that Darth Vader has had several suits of armor built for the film. There is a hero suit which is a direct copy of the suit we have seen in Star Wars: A New Hope (see Darth Vader Dream Team Assembled?), down to the lenses in the eyes. The most interesting part is that stunt suits have been built, which indicates Darth Vader will in fact see action.

That’s the news fit for print here. As I mentioned, I’m excited for the possibility and don’t yet want to get my hopes up in case it turns out to be bogus. However, both Making Star Wars and Jo-Blo are very reliable so take that as you will. ORIGINAL REPORT BELOW: Yes, this is a rumor for now… but one that I have been tracking for some time and since it was launched by a very reliable site, Jo-Blo, why not throw it into the mix for some good ole’ fashioned speculation. Because when it comes to Star Wars, anything and everything is speculated upon until it becomes canon – I.E. appears in the movie. Sure, I mentioned spoilers above. I tend to believe most – if not all people wondering about Rogue One have heard and/or expected (this Character) to be a part of the story; a fact we discussed in the latest episode of #FarFarAway. It makes complete sense because of the time frame involved – a story set between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope. In this particular case, I would say it would be downright crazy NOT to have the character appear. It’s Disney, it’s feasible regarding story – and it would also sell toys. A win, win. And so, just in case you stumbled in here by accident, here’s the obligatory SPOILER ALERT. We’re dealing in plot rumors, characters and other assorted Star Wars goodness. Can’t say I didn’t warn you. So…. Okay, here we go…. It appears, thanks to Jo-Blo and their report – Darth Vader is set to make a triumphant return to live action. To this I say, yes please. Bring it. Vader is the number one baddie of all time, really – iconic as you can get. And seeing as James Earl Jones has returned to voice Vader in Star Wars Rebels, a ‘kids show’ on Disney XD, it’s not that far of a stretch to assume he would also voice the character in a live action movie.  My only wonder, if this turns out to be true of course; who would step inside the suit? Paging Hayden Christensen? Wouldn’t that be interesting? Anyways, per Jo-Blo, their sources say that the most iconic villain of all time will be in the movie, as rumored, but in a much LARGER role:

Addressing those Darth Vader rumors, we can confirm that Darth Vader will be in the film and is expected to have a larger role than originally thought. How big or how involved we can’t say specifically, but expect to see the return of one of Star Wars’ most infamous characters to the big screen.

Not much in the way of details, for sure. At one point I had heard he would only pop up in a hologram. Both scenarios make a ton of sense as I outlined above. Business and story here can work hand in hand. I mean, we already have a ton of Darth Vader toys that can be purchased EVERYWHERE. And most figures show the image of Vader as the main character for advertising on package. On the story front, again, wouldn’t it be interesting to see Vader again but, this time, in a way we haven’t seen before? I immediately think of the Star Wars Battlefront commercials that showed Vader kicking serious a**. We’ve NEVER seen Vader do the things legend had him do – hunt down the Jedi, take on a ton of Rebel Soldiers (like in Battlefront or Rebels); this could be the Vader we all want! A stealthy, Force using, Lightsaber wielding, Sith Lord that kicks a** and takes names. The idea of seeing a fully formed, in his prime Vader against Rebel Soldiers is giving me the geek chills. I love the idea – because it makes sense in story. I believe the folks behind the scenes, at Disney and Lucasfilm, know this and want to make it a reality. I also believe that since Gareth Edwards (Monsters, Godzilla 2014) is behind the movie, and is also a HUGE STAR WARS FAN, this is a forgone conclusion. Vader aside, there’s even more to Jo-Blo’s scoop. rogue-one-helmets-yen-donnie A while back, Donnie Yen, one of the stars of Rogue One, posted the above image on his Twitter and then quickly deleted it. Whoops. But this leads to finishing Jo-Blo’s scoop and what they are hearing.  Per the article:

Rumors began swirling about stormtroopers in all-black costumes appearing in the film late last year and we can confirm that they will be in the movie. Our sources indicated that they are often referred to as “Death Troopers”, although no mention if the commonly referenced “Shadowtrooper” from the Legacy Universe would be used. (also, recall that Donnie Yen shared an image of some helmets a while back, including a black one).

To me this all checks out. In fact, it’s a very exciting concept I hope makes it onto the screens.  Darth Vader and some Death Troopers taking out Rebel Scum? What Star Wars fan wouldn’t want that? Their report goes on to suggest a couple other roles in the movie; one in particular that has a name as well as a “scene stealer.” They also go on to suggest there will be some AT-AT’s and new Tie-Fighter designs. Which, of course makes sense. For the small tid-bits, like the rumored name and ‘scene stealer,’ I found those details less interesting as it is just pure conjecture at this point. But jump on over to Jo-Blo here in case you want all the news. I feel like these details aren’t very spoilery but they do offer some cool stuff to think about. I could go on and on about the idea of Darth Vader and his Troopers in the movie… as I said, it makes complete sense. I would LOVE to have Vader back on the big screen. So what do you think of this news? Are you surprised? Or does it makes sense in the grand scheme of things and story? Tell me your thoughts, we’ll  take them below in the comments section. And for all your updates on Star Wars, make sure you check back for more updates — right here on GeekNation.

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    Hell Yea Bad Ass Vader would rule, plus hell with it I want a Hard R rating!!!!!!!!

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    Star wars doesn’t need a R rating… unless Star Trek needs some hard core pornography too?