‘Veronica Mars’ Heads Back to the CW for Digital Spin-Off Series

By January 15, 2014

Veronica Mars 2

To quote Zoolander, spin-offs are “so hot right now.” The concept of a TV spin-off goes back decades, but in today’s media landscape – in which studios are obsessed with brand recognition above almost everything else – we’ve heard lots of talk about spin-offs of popular series like “The Walking Dead,” “Modern Family,” “How I Met Your Mother,” “Breaking Bad,” Captain America, “Arrow,” and more. Now it looks like an older TV show is getting new life on the web, as Deadline reports “Veronica Mars” characters are heading back to the CW for a digital spin-off series.

The Veronica Mars film made headlines last year when it was funded through Kickstarter, and now it seems like creator Rob Thomas is heading back to Neptune – at least in the online realm. The spinoff series will air on CW Seed, the network’s online platform that’s designed as a sort of proving ground for shows that could eventually make it on TV. So it’s possible, then, that if the film does well enough later this year, and this spin-off is a success, we could see more “Veronica Mars” on the small screen once again.

But here’s the thing: Rob Thomas has concept ideas and plans for “potential people who could be involved,” but none of the actors are signed to appear in this new spin-off yet. Will we see Kristen Bell wandering around in one of these episodes? Since this is a spin-off, after all, I’m guessing her appearances will be limited at best, and it’s far more likely that one of the side characters will take center stage for these new adventures. So now it’s time to start thinking about who might be able to have the most interesting spin-off: Mac? Logan? Wallace? Or – God forbid – Piz? Let us know who you think will lead this spin-off in the comments below.

Veronica Mars hits theaters on March 14th, 2014, and you can watch the entire series on Amazon Prime Instant Video now.

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    She’s super hott but too old.

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      lol she’s only 33

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    I don’t think she’s too old. But she’s ruining her face with plastic surgery all ready! Another Courtney Cox in the making.

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