Kamikaze Comedy Season 1, Ep 1: The One With Shang Forbes in a Barbershop


Our Kamikaze Comedy team crashes a local barbershop and its no-holds-barred as comedian Shang Forbes takes the mic.

  • Ben Tramer

    Hahahahaha!! The pregnant joke is the BEST. When did Jamie start doing this show, this is awesome!

    • Hi Ben! Kamikaze is exclusive to GeekNation. You’ll be able to see a new episode every week. Enjoy!

  • Josh Pireson

    Jamie’s the man

    • Jamie is hilarious! Great guy as well!

  • Depak Sharma

    I always wished they brought back The JK Experiment, was one of my favorites. This show is going to be crazy I can already tell!

    • Loved that show! For those who grew up on Candid Camera, it was awesome!