Lone Survivor: Cast Interviews


Kevin McCarthy sits down with Mark Wahlberg, Taylor Kitsch, director Peter Berg, and the real Marcus Luttrell to discuss his new film Lone Survivor.

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  • Missy Younts Lorant

    I didn’t recognize that was Peter Berg at first. He’s one of my favorite actors/directors/producers. I’m highly impressed! The whole cast seems focused and intense. I will be seeing this movie this weekend.

    • Archie A Stoffel

      Go see it for sure! It was awesome!~

  • Timothy W Williams


  • Colt Howard

    I really enjoying this movie. I don’t don’t know how much of it was like the real life incident, but as a movie I enjoying it. Love him or hate him, Wahlberg makes good choices – Good role choices AND good acting choices.

  • Katie C Schwartz

    I like anything Wahlberg is in. It’s funny, by all accounts ol’ Marky Mark SHOULD be a horrible actor, but he’s not. I love everything he’s in.

    • Christopher D Wellborn

      Your comment comes off as odd, but it’s so true. By all accounts, he should suck, but doesn’t. Very funny.

    • Jacquelyn N Conway

      HA HA.. you are right girl!

  • Christopher D Wellborn

    I need to see this stat. Although, I will say this: Berg is either a nice hit, or a complete miss.

    • Nancy A Roller

      ba dam dump! Good one!

  • Gloria T Weber

    Loved this movie! Anything by Berg I’m going to see.. Wonderful .. Great interview!

    • Nancy A Roller

      I’m with you on Peter Berg…. Whew!

  • Jeanne A Ortiz

    I really enjoyed this movie too….:)

  • Francis L Patterson

    Need to see this movie! Good job Kevin!

  • Helen H Campbell

    Great job Kevin!!! Kevin, is Melissa coming? lol

  • James T Hartl

    Great interview

  • Jacquelyn N Conway

    I don’t want to see too much of this. This is my Valentines Date tonight 🙂

  • David W Bryan

    I enjoyed this movie and think it’s as good as Friday Night Lights.

  • Marvin S Meza

    Great interview Kevin. I think Wahlberg is looking a bit old… Aren’t we all though. :/

  • Jesus M Kilkenny

    From what I heard this was pretty true to reality. I really enjoyed it and most of all whished I would have see this before I saw it.