Northbound, Episode 3: Hunters and Killers


Having survived the winter in a nearly invisible shelter, one of the Cataclysm’s few survivors has managed to live off the land and keep his daughter alive. But as the world changes rapidly around him, every walk into the woods poses a new risk…

  • Clara

    watching northbound makes me want to live off the grid

  • goldchainsroundmyneck

    imagine if we stopped with all this technology and jobs and stuff and used only our instincts?

  • Lucila

    you guys should make a whole video with all the episodes of one season, it would be like a movie

    • Nate Alwine

      We should have all the videos edited together into one movie like episode on Geek Nation next week!

  • LesterSDavidson

    this is calming to watch, not too much being said, mostly vibes

  • MarkDLesniak

    are you a hunter? or a killer?

  • obama’s last day = 1-20-2017!

    just another day in the UP – just like going to camp for awhile