‘Red Baroness Warrior Single Lady’ Ep. 1: You Don’t Look Like Your Profile


With great power comes great responsibility making it tough for Red Baroness to find time for dating. Starring Andie Bolt (@AndieBolt) and Ben Siemon (@BenjaminJS).

  • Chris Clarke

    hahaha Great ep. ugh! so in love with Andie Bolt, I can’t even deal, lol

    • Gorgeous, talented and funny… Not a bad combination!

      • Thomas Leath


    • Andie Bolt


      • Chris Clarke

        🙂 I speak only the truth…didn’t think you would see this and respond…now I’m the one blushing, lol

  • Delilah Jones

    LOL! Omg I love this show! This is too funny. Great pairing of my fav shows. Will we see the Hound come try to date too? ha!

    • Ben Tramer

      I wanna see the Imp speed date with Red Baroness. Beauty and the brain!

      • Now that’s a great idea for an episode! Hahaha

      • Andie Bolt

        Ha! ❤️

    • I don’t know if the show is GoT inspired, but it sure is timely! Thanks for watching, Delilah!

    • Andie Bolt

      Thanks for watching! That’s a great idea!

  • Delilah Jones

    Can’t wait for the next episode!!!

  • Gloria Weber

    Bah-ha-ha! This is awesome. I wan’t another minute.

    • Josh Pireson

      C’mon season 1, I want to binge watch!

  • Juliette Wolfson

    My new fav show!

  • David Johnson

    I think I read that Yanni was going to release a Rain Stick Album of His Greatest Hits. @AndieBolt may have just replaced Xena as My favorite current web Warrior!!!