‘Red Baroness Warrior Single Lady’ Ep. 2: Mama’s Boy


Red has a date with a man-boy who has mommy issues… Starring Andie Bolt, Meghan Parks and Arnie Pantoja.

  • Josh Pireson


  • Juliette Wolfson

    I found this show off Instagram and am so glad I did! Andie Bolt is hysterical and is an awesome role model for strong female comedians. I cant tell you how many shows I watch where the woman is either background furniture or a sex object. Baroness owns her sexuality and is funny as hell in the process. Bravo to this awesome gem of a show and keep it up…please!

    • She’s hilarious! Thanks for watching, Juliette! Be sure to watch last weeks (ep. 1) and stay tuned for a new episode next week.

  • George Badabaze

    Wow, was not expecting that. Very Funny, keep it up!

    • Thanks for watching, George… There’s so much more greatness to come!

  • Ben Tramer

    I just found my hold over cure between episodes of GOT! Is the whole show always her on another bad date?? LMAO, if so that is too funny.

    • Pretty much… We’ll see where it goes in season 2.

  • Depak Sharma

    I will marry you and break the curse Red Baroness!

  • Tony Allen

    That’s hilarious!!! Cant wait to see more!!

  • Delilah Jones

    This episode is the tits! literally! hahaha! All kidding aside, I love the idea of what dating might be like in medieval times, I love that a modern concept like blind dates is juxtoposed in the time period. It’s great fun. And Red is a strong character and is very funny. This show is refreshing and ground-breaking. What a treat! Keep it coming, so to speak. hahaha!

    • It’s pretty spectacular… Andie is hilarious!

  • Steven J. Hunter

    Great show!!!! How many episodes will there be?

    • We have six in the can and we will most likely produce 6-9 additional episodes for S1. Enjoy!

  • Liz K Clark

    Twitter led me here – wow. BFing is such a hot button topic (as are moon doors – lol) that it’s funny to see in a parody like this. Of course the teet sucking is just a metaphore for men’s/sons codependent relationship with their mother, and vise versa. Is the series going to explore all dating scenerios? I like the twist that Red Baroness is set in Medieval Times – with the underlaying theme of course being that these issues of courting are timeless. What’s the Red Baroness’s name on the show and in real life? I want to follow up on her other work.

    • The show stars actress Andie Bolt. I can’t say 100% what she has in store, but it all sounds fantastic… She’s extremely talented.

      • Liz K Clark

        Does her character have a name?