The Brat Cave Season 1, Ep 3: Fandom with Allie Goertz


Katie and Rosey learn the true meaning of being a fan from musical guest, Allie Goertz. Also, some Star Wars Stuff.

  • Ben Tramer

    Where do I know that musician from? Allie?

  • Josh Pireson

    I want to marry all three girls from this episode.

    • They are awesome!… Let’s not forget, pretty and funny! Not a bad choice, Josh.

  • Juliette Wolfson

    I love Allie’s music, what a great guest! Not often you find attractive, smart and funny girls doing comedy so well. Bravo!

    • They’re definitely out there, they just lack the recognition – Hopefully that’s changing with the genius of Fay, Wiig, Poehler, etc.