The Film Pigs: Ep. 130: Lightly Roasted


It’s Piggy time, and Chris McGuire joins them for a spirited round of Rash Judgments on this week’s feature releases. Then go behind the scenes of a Film Pigs sketch and learn how the magic is made. Special bonus: a mini-roast of the Pigs by McGuire, who writes those mean jokes for the Comedy Central roasts!

  • CJ

    SEVENTH SON looks like ass. Another stunningly poor error in judgement from Jeff Bridges in the wake of R.I.P.D.

    Maybe it was originally a good script that was micro-managed, test screened and reshot into a shitty movie, like Nic Cage’s SEASON OF THE WITCH.

    Although if they had the presence of mind to use the epic Iron Maiden song ‘Seventh Son of a Seventh Son’ in the movie then all would be forgiven.

    I can’t wait to heard Todd’s sloshed verdict.