Tweet Out: Ep. 100: Wil and Anne Wheaton Part 1


The power couple  answers YOUR questions in the latest Tweet Out, exclusively from GeekNation!

  • Brenda

    loved the energy

  • That’s Krayy

    she’s hot

  • mysteryman

    this was pretty funny

  • kRobbie

    wow he realllly hates scrabble huh…


    nice!! the 100th episode (:

  • extraterrestrial

    anne has so much spunk!

  • Doddyboy

    lol they’re funny

  • goldchainsroundmyneck

    they’re a nice couple

  • JEN

    geeknation has so much coverage, love the site

  • David Johnson

    Continued Next Tuesday?????

  • AsianSensation

    they took so long for the monster question lol

  • brian pumper

    you guys rock!!

  • Muhranduh

    wow they’re older than they look

  • extraterrestrial

    are his nails painted??? lol i wonder who did it

  • YAmendola

    Wil’s beard is out of control!

  • Mildred

    can we do another one of these for them??? they’re my fav so far

  • JeffreyJ

    is it just me or does wil seem to be super picky?