Tweet Out: Ep. 105: Jason Mewes Part 2


The louder half of Jay and Silent Bob answers more of YOUR Twitter questions in part 2 of his Tweet Out!

  • Annie

    Don’t mean to be rude. . . .but what’s with the headband??

  • 420leanin


  • Thomas

    Working with Kevin Smith sounds like a freaking blast to say the least.

  • Mildred

    For a moment in time Jay and Silent Bob was >> life…

  • DHaywood

    Jason’s shirt is awesome.

  • ATL Newman

    I think the TweetOut series has really brought a lot of life to GeekNation (: it’s really cool.

  • JeffreyJ

    He’s very successful for being only in the first half of his 20s.

  • Jameson

    Is mewes juice real? OF COURSE IT IS!!

  • IanAHood

    Tbh he looks kinda like Yung Lean.

  • Willie

    Great tweet outs!!! 😀

    • Thanks, Willie… Glad you enjoy them.

  • Andy Spears

    Love The Tweet out Series, nobody asks better questions than the public 🙂