Tweet Out: Ep. 106: Sean Astin Part 1


The Lord of the Rings trilogy and Rudy star answers YOUR questions in this special episode of Tweet Out, only on GeekNation!

  • hansolo

    Awesome, See you at C2E2!

  • hansolo

    The turtle stuff cracked me up.

    • He’s hilarious! You can tell by his opening he has a great sense of humor!

  • That’s Krayy

    great lesson to be learned for when I’m a parent omg hahahahahaahhahaha

  • JamesQFoster

    Who knew this guy would go from the Goonies to Lord of the Rings?

    • Quite a career Mr. Astin has had – Goonies, Rudy, 24, LotR and about 100 more.

  • Michael

    Sean is one of my favorite actors. Doesn’t seem big headed and is very humble for how successful he is.

    • You couldn’t be more right. Very cool guy.

  • mysteryman

    They’re scared because they think they’re gonna see a bug turtle with a weapon AHAHAHAH! Just golden


    Hahahaha! I bet he got so surprised when he got a mouthfull of inhaler…air? I bet he was addicted after that LOL

  • JKeeldit

    Astin is super classy, all he’s missing is a fedora!

  • 420leanin

    seems like a super easy going guy, waiting for pt. 2!

    • He is the best! Very nice, very humble… Just an all around great guy!

  • Gloria Weber

    Great Tweet Out! Now there’s a man who loves his daughter.