Vince Vaughn Reportedly In Talks for ‘True Detective’ Season 2

By August 4, 2014

As we learned from Matthew McConaughey’s Rustin Cohle in the first season of HBO’s “True Detective,” time is a flat circle. But even in an infinite loop of time, I don’t think I would have guessed that Vince Vaughn may be playing one of the main characters in the second season of the smash hit drama. TVline reports that Vaughn “is in preliminary talks” to play one of the four central characters, but nothing has been signed and no deal is officially in place yet.

About a month ago, we heard that Colin Farrell was in talks for one of the lead roles and Taylor Kitsch was being eyed as a contender for one of the other main roles, and the idea of those two guys teaming with Vince Vaughn for a highly acclaimed cop show is a little strange. Ten years ago it might have made sense: back then, Vaughn was still playing lovable sidekicks in movies like Mr. and Mrs. Smith. But in 2014? Vaughn’s stock has dropped considerably, with the world seemingly tiring of his fast-talking schtick that made him a star in the first place. Many see him as a one trick pony, and it’s understandable that people might be a little confused about this potential casting.

That being said, Vaughn has dipped into dramatic territory before in The Cell and a handful of other films over the course of his career, so we’ll see if a role on “True Detective” revitalizes his career and maybe opens some doors for him to try other types of acting instead of the fast-talking straight man. After a long stretch of misses including Fred Claus, Four Christmases, Couples Retreat, The Dilemma, Lay the Favorite, The Watch, The Internship, and Delivery Man, Vaughn needs a hit, and though we know he won’t be working with director Cary Fukunaga (who helmed the entire first season of the show), hopefully he’ll have some directors that can pull a strong performance out of him if this whole thing pans out.

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