Vincent D’Onofrio Confirms We Haven’t Seen the Last of Kingpin

By September 18, 2016

While I’ve been a pretty vocal fan of just about everything Marvel Studios has done with their Netflix-based heroes, one of my absolute favorite elements has been Vincent D’Onofrio’s portrayal of Wilson Fisk, better known to comic book fans as Kingpin. The character was a major force in the first season of Daredevil, and returned for a pivotal role in Season 2 that found him not only crossing paths with the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen, but also with The Punisher.

But unlike most performers that join the Marvel family, it doesn’t sound like D’Onofrio is attached to a long-term deal with the studio. Speaking with Latino Review to promote the upcoming release of The Magnificent Seven, he spoke at length about his Daredevil obligations – or lack thereof:

“There’s no giant commitment for me at Daredevil. Like I didn’t have to sign my life away at all. When Jeff [Loeb] tells me there’s something coming up and if I’m available, I’ll be there. And because it’s written so well, I’m going to show up. I’m going to do everything I can because the writing is so good. And then there’s a company like Netflix and they’re not pressuring you either. They just want good material, good content. They give you money to make good content, so they’re not pressuring actors to sign their life away either… I think that there’s this common ground where they say, ‘Look, if the material is good are you going to show up?’ and I said, ‘Definitely’.”

These comments seem to echo similar sentiments from actors who have worked on various Netflix shows: the streaming network wants to continue generating quality content, and the talent is happy to come back because of it. So does that mean Kingpin may show up in an episode of Luke Cage or Iron Fist? Or will he stay in the background until the third season of Daredevil? D’Onofrio isn’t telling:

“That I can’t answer. I do know, but I can’t answer… so take that how you will. Jeff and Charlie (Cox) and Netflix love Kingpin, and so, Kingpin is good for Marvel’s television stuff and I think they agree.”

We agree, too. And we’ll continue to keep you posted on everything that’s happening with Daredevil, The Defenders, and the rest of Marvel’s Netflix offerings right here at GeekNation.

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Brent Hankins

Brent Hankins

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