WANTED: $1000 Bounty to the Smuggler Who Finds the Last ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Easter Egg

By September 22, 2015

GeekNation presents:

 Guardians of the Galaxy Final Easter Egg Hunt Contest! 

Who can find the FINAL EASTER EGG hidden in James Gunn & Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy? 

Show your skills and your love for James Gunn and Marvel’s blockbuster space epic, Guardians of the Galaxy by finding the last Easter Egg James Gunn himself mentioned is still out there!

James Gunn Easter Egg

And it doesn’t look like he’s planning on giving it up anytime soon:

james gunn tweetNo offense to Carly Simon too, but we definitely don’t want to have to wait 20 or 30 years for a very wealthy donor to find out what the Easter Egg is. Which means one thing – let the hunt begin.

So many sites have put together extensive lists of all the fun Easter Eggs planted throughout Guardians of the Galaxy. Feel free to refresh your memory by visiting some of our friends’ compilations here, here and here.


Watch Guardians of the Galaxy and find that last Easter Egg!  We know it’s out there; James knows it’s out there; now it’s up to you to find it!


Who wants a cool $1,000? Of course you do.  The lucky person who finds and ‘Tweets’ and/or ‘Comments’ at James Gunn via his Official Twitter account or Facebook Account and receives a confirmation back wins $1000!

Contest begins now and continues through October 31st!

How it all works:

We’ve been fans of James Gunn since before he even made Guardians, and he also happens to be very active on social media and very active with his fans as well. He loves to chat with them, hold Q & A’s and discuss his latest projects any chance he gets. So wouldn’t it be fun to engage with him about his prized (and hidden) last Easter Egg?

We know Mr. Gunn will comment and respond to the last Easter Egg, as he’s done numerous times in the past. Exhibit A:

After you find the Easter Egg, leave it on his Facebook and/or Twitter and tag us @GeekNation on Twitter or Facebook.


  • Once you are certain you have ‘the’ Easter Egg, capture a screen shot of it and send it to James Gunn’s social media accounts (Facebook and Twitter). One guess only (one screen shot shared to his FaceBook and Twitter only).
  • Tag GeekNation on either Facebook or Twitter (or both) with your submission.
  • Submission must be time stamped in order to be eligible.
  • The winner will be the first person that has their Easter Egg validated by Gunn himself as the last one. The first to guess right will win the grand prize, and should send the guess and response from Gunn to us on our social media accounts.


What criteria must a person meet in order to enter?

GeekNation’s $1,000 Guardians of the Galaxy Easter Egg Hunt is open to all Marvel, James Gunn and GeekNation Facebook Fans and Twitter followers. There are no age requirements, but if you are under 13, your entry must be submitted by your parent or guardian on your behalf. Employees of Marvel, and/or James Gunn, their subsidiaries and Disney and GN Media, LLC dba GeekNation, its subsidiaries and its affiliates are not eligible to enter the contest. GeekNation reserves the right to disqualify entries considered to be inappropriate for any reason, at their sole discretion.

Is there an entry fee?

Entry is free. However, you must pay your own Internet connection charge and any other costs required to submit entries.

May I enter my guess after the October 31, 2015 deadline if no one guesses correctly?

No, all entries must be entered between now and October 31, 2015 by midnight PST. As long as a winning guess is entered by the deadline of October 31, 2015, midnight PST, you will still be eligible.

Can I enter another guess if you get it wrong the first time?

No, only one guess/entry per person.

Will I be notified upon receipt/acceptance of my entry?

We will make every effort to respond to your tag/guess by liking your post or ‘favorite’ your tweet.

What happens if I want to withdraw my guess?

Simply delete your tweet/post. You will be removed from the competition.

When and how will I know the results of the contest?

To be declared winner, James Gunn must verify your entry. Only one [correct] submission, verified by Mr. Gunn will be chosen. Since this last Easter Egg is on everybody’s radar and James Gunn is talking with his fans about it, once he responds, both you and GeekNation will know. If it is correct, winner will be announced on GeekNation.com, and all social media platforms.

Will the winner be solely responsible for any taxes or charges related to the receipt of any prize?

Yes, the winner will be solely responsible for any applicable taxes or government charges.

Most important… HAVE FUN!

Make sure to keep checking back for more updates — right here on GeekNation.

This is an independent contest based on clues provided in the feature film, Guardians of the Galaxy. The contest is in no way affiliated with James Gunn, Marvel or others associated with the feature film Guardians of the Galaxy.

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  • Joe Montana

    I already got this. The big easter egg is Mr. Big. He is on the 2nd row to the left of the Collector as the Guardians walk in to the museum. White tuxedo.

  • James

    I haven’t seen if anyone has found the last big Easter Egg in GOTG, assuming they haven’t, here’s my theory. The Celestial shown during the Collectors video presentation points subtly to Quill’s father. The name of that specific Celestial is Eson who coincidentally shares the same name as as Quill’s comic book grandfather, Eson. Just as Eson of Spartoi fathered J’son, Quill’s comic book father,Eson and the other Celestials created(fathered) the Eternals, the race which both Thanos and his brother Eros belong. This leads me to believe that Eros(Starfox)is Quill’s father. His mother said he was an angel, another name for Eros in mythology is cupid, who is represented looking like an angel. Also, Gamora makes mention of Starlord’s “pelvic sorcery”, an ability Eros actually had. And finally his father is said by Nova Corps to be something ancient, or in other words, Eternal. There’s my theory, how’d I do?