Warehouse 13: “An Evil Within” Recap

By July 31, 2012

Last night’s episode of Warehouse 13 pulled no punches as both protagonists and villains skirted the fine line between good and evil.

There is no doubt that Artie’s actions in the season premiere will carry a price. That price thus far is being ominously referred to as only “a great evil.” Though Artie’s visions suggest that such an evil will manifest itself within Claudia, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a very different twist in the coming weeks. Anything else would seem too obvious.

Claudia, meanwhile, continues her rogue quest to bring Agent Steve Jinks back from the dead. In a somewhat bizarre sequence, the sound of her voice, in combination with last season’s resurrecting metronome, pulls Jinks back to the land of the living.

Running parallel to Claudia’s quest and Artie’s increasing anxiety is the story of a man wronged by apathy. This episode’s villain, Ron Hadsell, is hell-bent on avenging the accidental death of his fiance. Each person who ignored his pleas for help after she was trampled at a sporting event becomes a target; with the help of an artifact, he creates the illusion that they are monsters. They, in turn, are attacked by terrified bystanders.

At what point does grief give way to great evil? Claudia is willing to risk her life to save Jinks; more than that, she ignores the potential consequences to the rest of the world. Are her acts any less selfish or destructive than Ron Hadsell’s? Is Artie’s choice to turn back the clock and change significant world events any better than Hadsell’s decision to dole out his own justice?

Most of us will favor the Warehouse team, fighting to save people they love, over the murderous rampage of a madman. But Myka cannot help but sympathize with Hadsell’s predicament; the woman he loved died, in no small part, due to the apathy of strangers.

But does he have the right to be judge, jury, and executioner?