Warehouse 13 Recap: “The Ones You Love”

By September 25, 2012

If you have yet to watch “The Ones You Love,” back away from the screen now. This episode is laden with shocking plot twists and tragic turns.

At the outset, the lives of the Warehouse agents’ loved ones are on the line. Stolen artifacts have been shipped to Claudia’s brother, Myka’s pregnant sister, and Pete’s ex-wife…but the computer claims that none are missing. With no idea what to expect, the trio head off on their own to save their families from Brother Adrian’s latest plot.

Meanwhile, Jinks and Mrs. Frederick head to the Vatican in search of the missing Brotherhood. The entire conglomeration has disappeared, and Jinks quickly follows, leaving Mrs. Frederick on her own to search for the group.

Across the globe, Myka hugs her sister (played by Angel’s own Amy Acker!), activating an artifact and releasing the green-eyed monster within. As Myka sprays purple goo on everything in the new nursery, her sister turns against her, besieged by sibling rivalry, and tries to poison her.

Meanwhile, Pete pays a visit to Amanda, his ex (played by Star Trek: Voyager’s Jeri Ryan). Her body begins to rapidly overheat, and Pete discovers the source: a newly arrived, empty box. As Pete frantically searches for the catalyst, he accidentally touches a tattoo on Amanda’s back. It is the tattoo itself that contains artifact properties; spread by skin to skin contact, it belonged to the world’s first suicide bomber.

Locking himself in a containment unit, Pete nearly explodes. At the last minute, however, he realizes that the box is made of leather, itself a type of skin. He quickly transfers the tattoo back onto the box from whence it came, making it out alive, and hurrying to Colorado Springs to help Myka find and disable the artifact driving her sister into a murderous frenzy.

Meanwhile, Claudia finds her brother, Joshua, encased in amber, still holding the artifact that entrapped him. Scouring the internet, she eventually frees him, but learns a disturbing fact: it was Artie who sent Joshua to his top-secret location in the first place. Moreover, Artie lied about it.

Brother Adrian returns to haunt Artie at the Warehouse. Fed up with the destruction of his life and the lives of those around him, Artie pulls a gun, wounding the other man. He leads him to the Bronzing chamber, determined to put him away for good.

Back in the Vatican, Mrs. Frederick discovers a painting, wherein both Jinks and the Brotherhood are trapped. She releases them, only to discover that Brother Adrian was in the painting as well…and, over the past several months, hasn’t set foot in the United States.

Leena discovers Artie alone in the Bronzing chamber, yelling at thin air. At long last, we learn the truth. The evil of Artie’s own making is Artie himself. Brother Adrian is a figment of Artie’s imagination, and it is Artie who has stolen the artifacts and released them back into the world.

Mrs. Frederick calls Leena and tells her to leave, but the owner of the Warehouse’s B&B cares to much for Artie. She stays to help him…and it costs her her life.

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