Warehouse 13 Recap: “We All Fall Down”

By October 2, 2012

The world is ending…again.

Pete and Myka return to the Warehouse, where Pete’s bad vibes are off the charts. They find the Dark Vault trashed and Leena dead. Claudia refuses to believe that Artie is irredeemably evil, but he appears via a holographic projection, demanding to know where the Astrolabe is so he can use it to once again reverse time.

Across the world, Brother Adrian teams up with Jinks and Mrs. Frederick to learn more about the Astrolabe’s effects. They quickly confirm that it results in a split personality for its user–one good, and one evil. Worse still, the evil personality will eventually extinguish the good side altogether.

Before disappearing, Artie sets fire to the IRS Quartum, a section holding the Warehouse 8 collection of artifacts from the Holy Roman Empire. As the team tries to figure out what he was looking for, Pete is haunted by Leena’s spirit, which leads him to a hidden compartment. There, he finds images of a dagger–the same dagger that Artie saw Claudia using against him in his premonitions.

While Myka and Pete head to Budapest in search of Artie and the missing sword, Claudia’s research reveals a deadly, plague-causing artifact, known as the Chinese Orchid. Previously held in Warehouse 8, it was encased in an impenetrable container. Artie wants to release the plague and force the Warehouse team to let him use the astrolabe, and the only way he can do it is if he retrieves the dagger.

Claudia uses her hacking skills to have Artie held on suspicion of terrorism in Budapest, but he uses a watch to stop time and escapes before Mrs. Frederick arrives. As Claudia and Jinks travel to the former site of Warehouse 8 in search of the Orchid, Myka and Pete track the dagger to a museum.

Distracting Myka and Pete with hurtful words, Artie snags the dagger and escapes. Meanwhile, Claudia and Jinks discover that the Orchid has been moved to a new location. Artie tracks down its protectors first, however, and convinces them that the Warehouse team is the real threat, gaining their trust and access to one of the world’s deadliest artifacts.

When the team finds Artie, they are forced to fend off the trio entrusted with the Orchid. Myka and Jinks are able to retrieve the dagger and the Orchid, but Artie threatens to shoot Pete. Myka drops the dagger into a grinder, and Artie uses his time stopping watch once more–this time to freeze the agents and steal the Orchid. He retrieves the dagger before it’s destroyed and shatters the Orchid’s protective container.

Taking hold of the dagger, Claudia realizes that the only way to save Artie is to cast the evil out of him by plunging the sword into his chest. She stabs him, but not before he lets go of the Orchid. Artie’s good side returns, but it is too late. Pete lunges for the Orchid, and though he catches it, it disintegrates and disperses in wave of black dust. The plague is inhaled by the Warehouse team, before spreading out into the world.