Warner Bros. Cancels ‘Point Break’ Screenings

By December 17, 2015

“Fear causes hesitation and hesitation will cause your worst dreams to come true.”  – Bodhi

Wise words from a wise surfer dude. Perhaps Warner Bros could use Bodhi’s advice on this day?  According to Jordan Maison over at Cinelinx (via ScreenRant) Warner Bros have cancelled upcoming screenings of their Point Break remake “Due to unforseen circumstances”. 

Unforseen Circumstances. Hmm. Could it be because the movie stinks worse than it actually sounds and looks like it’s going to stink? Is that even possible? It’s usually not a good thing when a studio cancels screenings. That hasn’t Bhodied well before (Ha! See what I did there? Sorry).

Let’s be honest. Did anyone want this? The original is a timeless, cheesy, beautiful classic that shant be touched. No-one could ever touch that wonderful Swayze/Keanu perfection. It hurts to watch them try. You know what they say though.

If you want the ultimate, you’ve got to be willing to pay the ultimate price. It’s not tragic to die doing what you love.

The question is only whether they did this out of love for movies or re-make cash. Either way it seems as if Point Break is who we thought it was. The good news is I kind of want to go watch the original now.

Point Break is Directed by Ericson Core (Invincible) and stars Teresa Palmer, Luke Bracey and Edgar Ramirez. It’s due to be in theaters December 25th, 2015.  Are you going to see it? Stay tuned to Geek Nation for more updates!


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Mike Holtz
Mike Holtz is just a guy looking for any excuse to talk movies and needs to be able to give people a legitimate reason to spend what they spend on popcorn each month. The Dad to a superhero little girl with another on the way, Mike's also written for a few cool websites and talked for a few more. Also, Mike cries like a school girl every time he watches 'Rocky.'
  • george bush

    I saw this movie already and its better than the overrated original.

    I actually enjoyed it a lot more than that star wars movie/commercial. At least it wasn’t painfully derivative and predictable and its a remake!

  • CurseofZodLovesMaude

    This should have been a sequel with Keanue returning as the FBI agent. Of course, lets remake it into another forgettable flick.

  • Hank

    just as pointless as last year’s Poltergeist. why even bother?