Warner Bros. Gets Film Rights To Dungeon And Dragons

By May 8, 2013

Yup, here we go again.

Word is out that Warner Bros. has won the film rights to everyone’s favorite dice throwing role-playing table top game known around the world as Dungeons and Dragons…and are out to make a(nother) film.

According to Deadline, the studio’s already working like busy bees on said project – utilizing a script from David Leslie Johnson (Wrath Of The Titans) called Chainmail, an obscure game that Gary Gygax created before he and partner-in-crime Dave Arneson unleashed DnD upon the world. The Chainmail script will be retooled for the much bigger world that is DnD and produced by Roy Lee and Courtney Solomon (The LEGO Movie).

Yeah, that’s great and all but here’s a couple issues I have with this situation…

I feel like BECAUSE of the whirlwind success Warner Bros. has had with Game Of Thrones and Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit, that they think they have the Midas touch to do the same for a brand that’s made somewhere in the neighborhood of $1 billion in books and merch in its 34 year existence. This sometimes leads to studios pandering (a.k.a. “dumbing down) and scaling down the enterprise in order to please the people who like movies about barfing, farting and pooping which then leads to another stupid crap film that makes people who enjoy non-status quo things look even MORE like the cats from The Big Bang Theory. But as word is that the studio is giving the film high priority and seeing what they’ve done with the aforementioned GoT and The Hobbit, it could be the film we wanted 13 years ago.

Man, I’ll bet Marlon Wayans was happy he did Requiem For A Dream the same year. Anyone heard from “Not Wil Wheaton” lately?

As I’ve said earlier, Courtney Solomon is one of the producers and Allan Zeman will sit as exec producer…if these names sound familiar, it’s because they held these same positions 13 years ago on the New Line Cinema sh*$show known as Dungeons And Dragons, starring Jeremy Irons, Marlon Wayans and Justin Whalin (a.k.a. “Not Wil Wheaton”).

Allow me to refresh your memory…

Years back, I learned through IMDb that Solomon only wanted to produce but Lorraine Williams, then head of TSR (Tactical Studies Rules – publishers of DnD) shot down every directing choice Solomon pitched (INCLUDING Francis Ford Coppola) and forced Solomon to direct the film himself. This ALSO gives me hope that in the right hands, this could be something pretty special and the film we wanted back in 2000.

I haven’t actively played DnD since high school but it doesn’t mean I still don’t love it.

I’m telling you RIGHT NOW if I get another version of that crapfest from 13 years ago, I’m gonna shank someone and no amount of saving throws will help.

Stay tuned.


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