Watch: ‘Better Call Saul’ Gets First Teaser Trailer

By August 11, 2014

We’ve been anxiously awaiting a real look at what we can expect from “Better Call Saul,” the prequel/sequel to “Breaking Bad” that will follow Bob Odenkirk’s Saul Goodman character before he gets that name. Now AMC has released the first teaser:

That’s not really much to really go on. But ever since I read Vince Gilligan and showrunner Peter Gould’s comments about whether they should include certain “Breaking Bad” characters in this new series, I’ve been more optimistic about this show. I think it’s a case of managing expectations; as long as we go into it knowing that there’s no way it’ll ever hit the brilliance of “Breaking Bad,” we’re giving the show a fair shake and allowing it to work on its own terms. I really enjoyed Odenkirk’s work as Saul on “Breaking Bad,” but it remains to be seen whether this will be one of those situations in which a side character works better as a side character, or if he can hold an entire show on his shoulders. We’ll find out when “Better Call Saul” premieres on AMC in February of 2015.

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