Watch: First Trailer for ‘The Maze Runner’ Springs Wildly to Life

By March 18, 2014

Who is ready for another YA-centric film about a dystopian world filled with danger, nefarious characters, and perhaps a charming little romance? No, no, we know that Divergent opens on Friday, but we’re talking beyond that.

Although the general beats of Wes Ball’s The Maze Runner, based on James Dashner’s bestselling novel of the same name (and the first in a trilogy, obviously), sound very familiar, the film’s first trailer feels original, exciting, and genuinely terrifying. In short, this may only be a quick, well-crafted look at the upcoming film, but it already looks so good.

If you’re not familiar with the story of The Maze Runner, it’s a good one, the kind that is simple enough to explain but rife with big possibilities. The film centers on Thomas (Dylan O’Brien, who just looks like a movie star in the making), a teenage boy who wakes up – after an indeterminate amount of time and travel – in an industrial elevator that thrusts him to the surface of a tropical locale, where he is met by a pack of boys who are similarly boggled by their situation. But these boys have been there for awhile, and they quickly school Thomas about what’s happening – stationed and stuck outside a giant maze, the group sends in “runners” every day to try to find a way out, but no one has ever done it. Also, when night falls, monsters come out to play. It’s not a good scene.

But things start to change once Thomas arrives – and they only get, well, more change-y once a girl (Kaya Scodelario) shows up in that same elevator, the first girl to ever arrive at the maze, and one who also happens to know Thomas. Take a look at the first trailer!


The film also stars Thomas Brodie-Sangster (from Love, Actually!), Will Poulter (from last year’s We’re The Millers), Aml Ameen, and Ki Hong Lee.

The Maze Runner opens on September 19.

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